Wednesday, December 31, 2008

10 steps of attracting beautiful woman

To attract a beautiful woman you simply have to have a little finesse and some social grace. There's no need to learn complicated scripts or neurolinguistic programming. Learning those things may be beneficial, but simply follow these steps and you shouldn't have a hard time attracting and being attractive, to beautiful woman.

1. Learn how to tell when woman are attracted to you.

Here are some common signs: They run their hands through their hair a lot, they bite their lip, you catch them gazing at you, they smile at you, or they make stupid excuses to talk to you.

2. Be outgoing and sociable

It's up to you to start conversations with the people around you as well as attractive woman. You are the man. Be proactive and friendly with everyone around you. Talk to all the woman you see that you think might be worth knowing, not just the ones you "have your eye on". Talk to her friends and win them over, they will be your best help or worst enemy when it comes to attracting a beautiful woman. If you seem to be a very friendly and sociable man, almost every woman around will be attracted to you. Social skills demonstrate your high value.

3. Look good and smell good

If your goal is attracting beautiful woman you might want to put some work into your own beauty. Make sure your well groomed and clean. Wear clean laundered clothes that fit. Don't forget to wear new socks. Don't touch your face, wash it twice a day with a non comodegenic cleanser, and keep a nutrious diet low sugar diet, so you have nice skin. Never douse yourself in cologne or aftershave. Be subtle.

4. Smile and be cool

Stop worrying about yourself, relax, and smile. Learn to enjoy yourself wherever you are instead of worrying and overthinking things. Be cool. You'll be attracting beautiful woman who will fall over themselves for you if your cool. Everyone is attracted to cool.

5. Make steady, natural, scintilating eye contact

Don't strain. Simply overcome your anxiety and look into her eyes while you speak to her. Don't stare at her body or think about how beautiful she is. Try to connect to who she is as another human being. Woman are used to being treated like objects by men. Show her your not another one of those guys by making warm friendly eye contact with her.

6. Be clever and funny, but don't TRY to be clever and funny

All woman, including beautiful woman, are attracted to clever, funny, witty men. That doesn't mean you should try to be a standup comic. Don't prepare stupid pickup lines. Just be natural and direct. You probably can make your buddies laugh, so treat her sort of like one of the buddies. Tease her a little bit. Don't be cocky, mean, or tasteless though. Just be lighthearted and wry. If shes becoming attracted to you, she will most likely laugh, even if your not hilarious or even particularly funny.

7. Don't brag, be a little mysterious

Don't try to impress a beautiful woman by being a braggart. Reveal things about yourself naturally during conversation. Be a little mysterious though about what your truly all about. It's fine to make up some things in a fun obvious way when she asks you personal questions. You can say your dream is to become a traveling circus performer or something. Make her press you to reveal your real dreams and aspirations. Make her feel rewarded by the things you tell her, not annoyed

8. Listen, Listen, Listen

Woman (and mostly anyone, really) love to talk about themselves. To be a great conversationalist ask questions, listen carefully, and ask follow up questions/make comments based on what the other person says. Don't act like your doing an interview for rolling stone though either. Allow a vibe to develop and don't be afraid to switch subjects suddenly.

9. Two Steps Foward, One Step Back

Create sexual tension. This is the key to attracting woman. It's also known as Push-Pull. If you give her a couple compliments, that's great. Don't keep feeding her compliments. Tease her a little bit. Keep her guessing. If your in a movie theatre and you start to hold hands, then maybe you make out for a little bit don't keep doing that the entire time. Not only will your palms get pretty sweaty, but you'll ruin the sexual tension. Pull back, withdraw your hand and go back to paying attention to the movie you payed $8.00 to get into.

10. Improve your self!

The number one thing you can do to improve your chances of attracting beautiful woman, is work on yourself. Get more physically fit, get a better sense of fashion, upgrade your wardrobe, keep the place you live clean and organized, be self disciplined, get a job/start a business/etc. Personal development is one of the best things you can do for yourself to become a more attractive man and start attracting beautiful woman left and right!